Videos & Interview

Anti-Aging Conference London 2007: Bio-Scalar Regenerative Technology With Dr. Sandra Rose Michael

The Doctors: Dr. Thom E. Lobe, Founder of Beneveda Medical Group & EESystem Medical Advisor, Talks Energey Medicine

Energy Enhancement System, EEVideo Introduction For You To Enjoy!

EZ Talk LIVE, April 8, 2017: “Wow this show could be life saving for the listener! Recently, EZWay went to a seminar and we met an amazing lady which is hooked up with the NASA and much more… she is a guru in energy!”

Formeer Governor of Okinawa, Dr. Masahide Ota interviewed by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael

Greg Gerber, MD – Houston Memorial Hospital Shares EESystem Clinical Case Studies

Get Real Radio: Experiencing Zero Point & the Resonance of Healing with Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, October 10, 2014

Global EES Highlights from around the World” with Bio-Scalar Technology inventor, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael

Pathways To Paradise” – The Carroll Cox Show Radio Interview with Dr. Terry Shintani and Dr. Sandra Rose Michael

Pathways To Paradise” – TV SHOW Global Inspiration With Dr. Sandra Rose Michael

Photonic Energy Center: A New Concept in Health Restoration – The Energy Enhancement System

The Pure Health Show – Sharyn Wynters & Dr. Sandra Rose Michael

Talk For Food: The Exciting Power of Energy Enhancement

Tina Quizon’s Sports World “Cary Tagawa & Martial Athletics” inside EESystem

UMC Health & Wealth Seminar

*YOU* Complex Energy Pattern Feat. EESystem Material Scientist & Physicist John Orava presents, to a small gathering, some of the principles & science behind Scalar Wave Energy.

You are a blessing to us and to the world. – Peggy
It has been one of the best things of my life to meet you and to be in your beautiful, life-giving system! – Malia Emmerich
To the Ever-Lovely Sandra Rose,

Thanks for being you, for everything you are and the inspiration you generate everywhere you go! – Paul & Diane

The more I get to know you, the more I see that you are a supernatural and mystical. If only we could all be more like you. – Diane Nomura
Thank you Sandra for your generous hospitality, friendship and love. You are an amazing being and I’m so grateful to have met you. – Andreas
“I am so glad that I found you and your technology. Your healing skills are a gift to the world! Be Well!” – Joanne Mosley

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